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City of Charlotte NC honors Kretchmer 2007 Reunion


36 crew and 28 firstmates attend
the 20th annual Kretchmer reunion



The above pictures are of the memorial for Military Unit's
that hold reunions in Charlotte, and the newly unveiled
Kretchmer plaque.  It was a touching ceremony,
we walked away very humbled and proud.

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Dennis and Bonnie Tulp standing next to the memorial
located at the Charlotte NC Convention Center at the
dedication ceremony September 2007

What a great time.............
Peter and Peggy Gamwell hosted the 20th Kretchmer Reunion in Charlotte NC
Their efforts are appreciated by all.
To be honored by the City of Charlotte in such a way,
will make this reunion of the USS Kretchmer one
of a kind!  Race fans, especially enjoyed Low's Motor Speedway and Hendrick Motorsports tours. 
We, and many others, did a "walk-about" the city,
oh, so much history............. 

                           A ceremony held during the 2010 reunion in Austin Texas,
                           at the Admiral Nimitz Museum honored her WWII service.
                           We were all very proud to be part of the ceremony
                           and the first ones to see the newly installed plaque
                           on this "wall of honor".
                          May 2009... Sixty-Nine people were present to represent us
                          at the US Navy Memorial, Washington, DC.  A ceremony was
                          held, again honoring Kretchmer's many accomplishments.